‘What’s water?’ asked the fish: Understanding the culture we carry


‘The gospel always comes to people in cultural robes’ (Bosch). What are these cultural robes? Why is understanding culture and worldview critical for mission, both locally and globally? We consider how by understanding the meanings people apply to objects, actions and symbols, we take an essential step forward in building meaningful relationships.


God Around Us - Tuesday 6th July


WA 1.00-1.40pm NT and SA 2.30-3.10pm East Coast 3.00-3.40pm

Delivery Method

Streamed to hubs and homes around the country.


Darrell Jackson heads up research at Whitley College and has previously taught mission at Morling College and served in Europe.


Graeme Dunkley spent 11 years overseas in intercultural ministry, worked with Interserve and now teaches mission at Morling College.

Hailing from regional Victoria, Eliza and her family are serving in a small town in a fascinating country along the Silk Road. Eliza has loved learning a new culture and language and discovering much about Aussie culture along the way

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