My response to the Biblical narrative of the Mission Of God – in suburban Adelaide


Soul Food Christian Community has been running its local neighbourhood cafe in Redwood Park (SA) for over a decade now. This session will explore stories of what it looks like to build trust within a local community, whilst also taking deliberate steps to point people to Jesus.


God Before Us - Monday 5th July


WA 3.30-4.10pm NT and SA 5.00-5.40pm East Coast 5.30-6.10pm

Delivery Method

Live in the Adelaide hub and streatmed to hubs and homes around the country


Andrew Turner is the brand new Director of Crossover, and author of ‘Fruitful Church’, ‘Taking the Plunge’ and the blog.


Glenn and Flick Pederick became involved at Soul Food soon after it began, and after moving into the neighbourhood their lives are now firmly entrenched in Redwood Park. Flick manages Soul Food Community Cafe and Glenn is a teacher at Redwood Park Primary School across the road. Together they have provided pastoral leadership to a growing church which meets around a community dinner in the cafe.

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