My response to the Biblical narrative of the Mission Of God – in South East Asia


Jesus calls us to love people in a big and sacrificial way. In fact, it is by the way we love that people will know we are His followers. Through the cafe ministry in South East Asia, Daz & Bee have been learning the true meaning of turning the other cheek and being generous with kindness, despite facing a multitude of challenges. What can happen when people see Jesus through our actions?


God Before Us - Monday 5th July


WA 3.30-4.10pm NT and SA 5.00-5.40pm East Coast 5.30-6.10pm

Delivery Method

Streamed to hubs and homes around the country


Bob Rogers is Global Interaction's State Director and enjoys journeying with Daz and Bee's family in mission


Daz, Bee and their kids left their civil design and hairdressing jobs in Brisbane to set up home in a bustling city of South East Asia a few years ago. Along with their Global Interaction team mates, they are finding innovative ways to connect with people and share the message of Jesus. They’ve been learning culture and language, running a cafe and building life-transforming relationships with the cafe team.

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