Lessons from Indigenous Spirituality


There were hundreds of indigenous cultures pre-colonisation and many still remain. What might God have been doing in the land we call Australia during the thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans? Today, many indigenous people find themselves ‘between’ cultures. What does that experience feel like? Of course, we each have a cultural orientation? Churches do too? How can non-aboriginal, Christian people better understand their own cultural perspectives in ways that could foster healthier spiritual friendships with First Australians?


God Around Us - Tuesday 6th July


WA 2.30-3.10pm NT and SA 4.00-4.40pm East Coast 4.30-5.10pm

Delivery Method

Streamed to hubs and homes around the country


Reverend Mark Westhuyzen has 15 years of pastoral ministry experience in Queensland and currently serves as the Queensland Baptists Director of Church Health Services. Mark has completed a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on church health and revitalization. He is married to Alexia and has three children. Mark is deeply committed to the idea that everyday followers of Jesus can and will change the world!

Billy Williams


Billy Williams is a pastor at dhiiyaan and at Bridgeman Baptist Community Church. dhiiyaan is an Aboriginal-inspired faith family in North Brisbane. Billy supports many Aboriginal churches, organisations and communities throughout Australia.

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