It’s all intercultural: a case for contextual mission


Getting to the kernel of the gospel is easier said than done. If all the Christians in the world follow the same God, shouldn’t they look the same? What’s it like to share the good news across vast cultural difference? How can we know the difference between the kernel of the gospel and the cultural husk? Join this session and wrestle with these questions (and more!) as we set the table for a feast of ideas and examples surrounding the gospel and culture.


God Around Us - Tuesday 6th July


WA 12.00-12.40pm NT and SA 1.30-2.10pm East Coast 2.00-2.40pm

Delivery Method

Live in the Melbourne hub and streamed to hubs and homes around the country.


Susan Campbell is a leader at Global Interaction and part of the Crossover Baptists in Mission planning team.

Mark Holt


Mark Holt is a thought-leader in strategic, contextual mission. His experiences serving with Global Interaction in South East Asia, walking alongside hundreds of intercultural workers and digesting millions of words of missiology and theology all bring his stories to life. 

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