Growing our participation in new communities


When engaging with a community in mission it is easy to focus on finding the best medium to facilitate this. Although social enterprises, community programs and projects are important to consider, establishing goals for participation, understanding the dynamics of social networks, and the type, quality and depth of relationship required for deep engagement are also vital. In this session, we will discuss essential aspects for growing participation in all communities that leads to deep life sharing and the sharing of the gospel.


God With Us - Wednesday 7th July


WA 1.00-1.40pm NT and SA 2.30-3.10pm East Coast 3.00-3.40pm

Delivery Method

Live in a Melbourne hub and streamed to hubs and homes around the country


Sulari Nielsen is Global Interaction's Next Generation Consultant and is passionate about seeing young people discover their journey in mission.


Ian Dicks has been an intercultural worker with Global Interaction in Malawi for over two decades where he built relationships with Yawo people, sought to introduce them to Jesus and established communities of faith in local communities. He is a pastor of a multi-ethnic church in Melbourne, seeking to lead them on mission in their community. He also lectures on Intercultural Studies & Mission at Whitley College.

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