The Mission of God revealed in Scripture


Let’s lay a vital foundation of understanding mission. Since the beginning of time, God has been active in drawing all people to the Kingdom. We look at how God’s big story is revealed in the Scripture and how we are invited to enter into and live out of this story.


God Before Us - Monday 5th July


WA 12.00-12.40pm NT and SA 1.30-2.10pm East Coast 2.00-2.40pm

Delivery Method

Live in the Adelaide hub and streamed to hubs and homes across the country


Elliot Keane is a lead pastor at Richmond Baptist and Leadership Development Facilitator at Baptist Churches of SA.


Melinda Cousins is the Director of Ministries for Baptist Churches SA. She is a pastor and teacher of the Bible, with a PhD in the Old Testament. She loves exploring how the biblical narrative shapes our imagination for life in community in our time and place.

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