God with us: the ministry of presence


Mission is best founded on being rather than just “doing” or “saying”. For who we are in mission either opens doors or closes them. Jesus’ incarnation (presence with us in a form we could understand) preceded, undergirded and made real his words and final redemptive works. As John 1:14 puts it, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” Mat and Shannon reflect on the ministry of presence from their context of living in a community on the fringe of the NT’s Tanami desert and challenges us to consider how this principle applies wherever we are located.


God With Us - Wednesday 7th July


WA 1.00-1.40pm NT and SA 2.30-3.10pm East Coast 3.00-3.40pm

Delivery Method

Streamed in hubs and homes around the country


Vivian Grice provides support and leadership to Mat's family and Global Interaction's ministry in Outback Australia

Matt Anderson


Mat Anderson and his family have live in Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. Mat is learning Walpiri language, building relationships with indigenous community members and supporting leaders of the local Baptist community. Mat is discovering what it means for his friends to be authentically Wapliri followers of Jesus.

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