From everywhere to everywhere


The statistics are clear. Global Mission is no longer the exclusive domain of the western church. More mission workers are sent from the global south than from western nations. Missiologists are talking about polycentric mission – workers being sent from everywhere to everywhere as distinct from the west to the rest. What does this mean for an Australian based mission agency? Should we sit back, let the phenomena play out, be content playing a minor role? Or dare we say it; fade away? Let’s hear the voices of two energetic practitioners who hail from the global south currently working in Global Interaction teams in Asia. What can we learn from their experience and how might we participate in what God is doing in the worker-sending space?


God With Us - Wednesday 7th July


WA 12.00-12.40pm NT and SA 1.30-2.10pm East Coast 2.00-2.40pm

Delivery Method

Streamed in hubs and homes around the country


Andy McCulloch is the Director of Global Partnerships for Global Interaction and has served with the team in South East Asia.


Rema, Mark and Simon are Global Interaction workers in Central Asia, Indo-China and South East Asia. They have grown up in Asia and came to faith. Mark and Simon studied in Australia and have returned to their countries of origin with a renewed heart to see vibrant faith communities in least-reached people groups.

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