Discerning & living into my call to mission – Tim and Mel Downes


Maybe your heart is for mission, maybe it always has been! But your head, well, it’s not there yet! How do you move forward towards this call, what are the steps, what do I do today, in order to live out my obedience tomorrow? Join Tim and Melanie Downes as they share insights into their journey in Mission. From a builder and teacher in Cairns to inter-cultural workers living and serving in an African village.


God With Us - Wednesday 7th July


WA 2.30-3.10pm NT and SA 4.00-4.40pm East Coast 4.30-5.10pm

Delivery Method

Streamed in hubs and homes around the country


Pip Miner is a mission mobiliser, has been on the team at Morling College, an intercultural worker in Cambodia and a youth pastor on Sydney's Northern Beaches


Tim and Melanie have been serving in Malawi for the last 12 years as inter-cultural workers. Their call was very clear. They have journeyed with many others as they have worked through their own call and taken steps towards following Jesus. Discerning what God is saying takes a lifetime to master, Tim and Mel work hard at making sure that the still small voice is the loudest one in their lives.

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