Celebrating our mission story in Australia


Comparatively, Baptists punch above their weight when it comes to mission. We go, we learn, we participate, we give and we care. We always have. We’ll introduce some of the humble giants upon whose shoulders we stand and capture by a birds eye view of missional endeavours in and from Australia.


God Before Us - Monday 5th July


WA 2.30-3.10pm NT and SA 4.00-4.40pm East Coast 4.30-5.10pm

Delivery Method

Streamed to hubs and homes across the country


Dan McGrechan is the WA State Leader for Global Interaction and pastors The Sanctuary Community Church in Midland.


Mark Wilson is the National Director of Australian Baptist Ministries, is on the Leadership Team of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation and serves on NFP boards. With over 30 years experience in local church and denominational roles, he’s learnt a thing or two about visionary leadership, communication and how to master his passions for Biblical truth, humour and genuine concern for others.

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