Attractively Different: Using the New Testament to shape us as a Jesus following minority


The 21st century has seen the Western Church become more aware of its status as a minority, being pushed slowly from its previous position near the centre of society – which is, of course, the situation into which the New Testament speaks. We are encouraged to adopt the minority group rhetoric of the New Testament, which seeks to insulate the church against conforming to the majority culture, while remaining *attractive* in its difference.


God Around Us - Tuesday 6th July


WA 2.30-3.10pm NT and SA 4.00-4.40pm East Coast 4.30-5.10pm

Delivery Method

Live in a Sydney hub and streamed to hubs and homes around the country


Pip Miner is a mission mobiliser, has been on the team at Morling College, an intercultural worker in Cambodia and a youth pastor on Sydney's Northern Beaches


Tim MacBride is the Dean of Bible & Theology at Morling College, lecturing in New Testament and Preaching. He was previously on the pastoral team of Narwee Baptist Church, in southern Sydney. His recent book, ‘To Aliens and Exiles’ details the way in which the various writings of the New Testament work as the rhetoric of minority: both in the first century and today.

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