Attentiveness to power encounters: listening to the Spirit


‘Spiritual warfare’ is a bit on the nose in many Christian circles today. We don’t much like talk of battles, armies and spiritual attacks. Yet, we know that our mysterious God still draws people to Jesus through dreams, visions, wonders and not-just-a-coincidence events. We explore how to be attentive to these in ourselves and others and what impact can this have in mission. We will explore what it means to participate with the Holy Spirit in being a witness to others. We will look at how healing, signs and wonders are normal when sharing the gospel; and how you can walk in them. Also, we will look at how God gives visions, dreams and words of knowledge that can direct how you share with people.


God With Us - Wednesday 7th July


WA 12.00-12.40pm NT and SA 1.30-2.10pm East Coast 2.00-2.40pm

Delivery Method

Streamed in hubs and homes around the country


Scott Pilgrim leads Global Interaction and is a pastor at Crossway Baptist in Melbourne

Scott Pilgrim


Melanie Downes is an intercultural worker with Global Interaction who has been living among the animistic and Islamic Yawo in Malawi for the last 12 years.

Steve Troyer: I am married to my beautiful wife Lizzy, and have four young adults / teenagers. We live on the sunny side of Lake Macquarie (in the Hunter Region). Everyone in my family loves rock climbing but me. We planted New Vine Lakes 12 years ago, and have since sent out two other church plants. I have been coaching church planters for the past five years. I love leading people to faith, moving in the gift of healing, and leading people to take hold of everything Jesus promised.

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