A case for Cultural Intelligence


In a globalising world where cultural diversity is a given, cultural intelligence is a key factor to seeking to be effective in mission. We need to not only be aware of our own background, values and customs, but also be adept at adapting to better connect with people from other cultural contexts.


God Around Us - Tuesday 6th July


WA 1.00-1.40pm NT and SA 2.30-3.10pm East Coast 3.00-3.40pm

Delivery Method

Live in a Sydney hub and streamed to hubs and homes around the country


Alongside his role as the NSW/ACT Association's Gen1K Mission Team Leader, Jamie Freeman leads the Gen1k vision for church planting.


Des Ong has been a pastor in Sydney and now invests in others through the Future Leader group. He shapes leaders to be emotionally intelligent people who work in culturally aware teams and agile organisations.

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